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Since 1996 ENHANCED IDEAS has been helping our customers receive the highest quality of products &  tech services.

We have hardware specialists, software specialists, network specialists, server experts, programmers, data recovery experts  & software trainers available to help with all of your computer needs.

The products from our other stores below keep our techs going...

Live well, be healthy and have the best life possible. 

homeopathic natural products
homeopathic natural products
Improving Lives For Over 20 Years....

Find the best natural homeopathic products on the market.  Immunotec does more research and clinical testing than any other company.

Find the best natural products and supplements available.  Improve your health.  Improve your immune system.  Stay active longer. Reduce pain and stress in your life with the best natural products available.

Clinically proven weight loss line...

One of the best skin care lines available...

Professional athletes swear by our products...

We have everything from natural health products, weight loss products that actually work, high performance products for the athlete in everyone and boost your immune system.  Our products have been clinically tested for many health problems, including fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, ADHD, multiple sclerosis -MS.
Immunocal has been listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) for over 15 years.

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Elasense Complete Skin Care Kit        PNT 200       

Elasense Skin Care is the Ultimate defense for your skin with the benefit of Anti-Aging.
PNT 200 is your best way to destress.  A natural mental & physical stress reliever.  Keep your life calm with PNT 200.
Immunocal Duo Promo     Immunocal Platinum Duo Promo     Immunocal Duo Promo

Boost your Immune System...  Immunocal is in the PDR!  Our Patented process guarantees this is the best health and protein supplement you can buy.  Enhance your performance, feel better and start enjoying life again...

Organo Gold

Healthy Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate & more...

organo gold, reishi mushroom, reishi medical mushroom, healthy coffee

We have a full line of Gourmet Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate.  This gourmet line is certified organic.  All of our products also come with the health benefit of Ganoderma, from the Reishi Medical Mushroom in every last one of them.  The only exception is our Grape seed Oil, pure and natural, nothing can make that better or healthier.

If you prefer you can get all the benefits of Ganoderma in a quick easy to swallow capsule.

Our G3 Beauty bar puts regular soap to shame.  Your skin will improve before you are done with the first bar.

If you want the healthiest gums possible, with a clean dental feel, try our organic natural mint flavored toothpaste.

To round out your fitness regime try out our full line of weight loss shakes.  There is more to be happy about than just how great they taste, you will absolutely love watching the pounds melt away.


Our Monthly Featured Products

Organo™ Gourmet Café Supreme      Organo™ Gourmet Café Mocha     Organo™ Te Amo

It is time to snuggle up in your warmest blanky with your favorite hot beverage.  Make it a healthy choice.  Enjoy total indulgence, guilt free with a nice hot cup of..............

Happy Valentines Day

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